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Bill Goldberg has eventually revealed his preferred and most favorite match in the whole of his wrestling career. That match happened in Halloween Havoc 17 years ago against Diamond Dallas Page and it really was a match of note. As seen below, Goldberg revealed how he came to stardom, who helped him as well as the favorite match in his professional wrestling career.

Well, for the now, Bill Goldberg is said to be working on his return to WWE, according to Wrestling News World, although the discussion is still at the elementary stages. He has been rumored to be coming back to finish the unfinished business he left with the professional wrestling giant in 2004 during a match with The Beast.

12 years ago, one of the worst matches in the world of wrestling was recorded. And it happened between Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg at Wrestlemania 20. Both men never wanted the match: they wanted to leave the company then. So there was no passion, no substance, no stuff… just for the money involved. None of them cared about what happened afterward. The match lasted for barely five minutes and that was it – fans were disappointed, they expected a better match.

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And then the semi-retired Superstar came back with force this year stating firmly that he would love to do one more match before he fully retires. He noted that one reason why he really wants to perform was for the sake of his child; he wants his child to watch him in action.
Soon afterwards, he sincerely revealed that he was already on a deal with TNA but no one is WWE has contacted. But that got fans speculating that WWE would soon go for him in order to snatch the former World Heavyweight champion from their main rival.

Well, that thought has finally come true as Wrestling News World reported few days ago that Goldberg is already in talk with the officials of WWE for a possible return.

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That connotes that WWE and TNA are already battling for the return of the former professional football player but word is WWE is most likely to get him.

Why? TNA is yet to stabilize and most of their Superstars have left the company for Global Force Wrestling and WWE respectively. Jeff Hardy is nearly out, Kurt Angle is gone and a host of others have signed in for WWE recently. So TNA signing Goldberg would be great but a tree can’t make a forest, isn’t it? Goldberg himself wouldn’t love to wrestle with just any wrestler; he would prefer to do that with someone of his caliber and status. And that brings him to WWE for Brock Lesnar rematch – a test of strength and resilience for the two Superstars.

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While there are so much in the air for Goldberg to clear, recently he revealed in an interview with Sportstown Chicago the best and most favorite match of his career, which included WCW and WWE. He said:

“Diamond Dallas Paige had a lot to do with the success of my career. When he approached me with a 14-page wrestling match, I was a bit indifferent. You just got to wrangle Dallas a little bit. He’s very enthusiastic, he’s got a very creative mind. My mentality and my persona and myself and my character more so there‘s a lot of lessons more in there, but everything was impactful. I obviously never replicated a match like that because I never had a main event like that with Dallas again and that should show you and tell you who was responsible for that match. Obviously, it takes two to tango, but I was absolutely honored to take part in a monumental match with Dallas. It was awesome, it really was. There’s no doubt it was the best match of my career.”