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According to a report by, Bill Goldberg has revealed his favorite wrestling match in his engagement as a professional career. Before you start thinking and wagging your tongue that it would be one of his matches with Brock Lesnar, the revelation is that his favorite match took place roughly 17 years ago in Halloween Havoc. It was a match between the semi-retired professional wrestler and Diamond Dallas Page, the Sportstown Chicago reported.

Yes we don’t contend the fact that Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar had some exceptional bouts, but that’s nothing compared to the worst bout in the history of WrestleMania where the two Superstars put up a very shoddy show. Their bout in WrestleMania 20 came stare down after WWE had spent a fortune to promote the show as something out-of-this-world and fans were more than eager to see how the two Superstars were going to perform and whose favor the baton will fall.

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All those expectations were never met, just like a figment in the air; the match was void, banal and ignoble. Then the revelation came later that the Superstars never wanted to be in the match; both of them indicated their interests to leave the company. So the cared less about anything else, they just got involved because of the money, not passion.

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But now, Goldberg is coming to the ring after 11 years, and he is only likely to be facing Brock Lesnar to make up for that ill-show the put up 12 years ago. Wrestling News World has reported that Goldberg is already in talk with the officials of WWE and sooner that later he would hit the ring which would mean a great thing for the bleeding image of WWE.

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However, Goldberg has revealed that the only match he never replicated in his career as a professional wrestler. He noted that his match with Diamond Dallas Page is one match that literally exposed and brought out the best in him. He tagged that match “the best match of my career” and as well described it as his favorite. Goldberg said:

“Diamond Dallas Page had a lot to do with the success of my career. When he approached me with a 14-page wrestling match, I was a bit indifferent. You just got to wrangle Dallas a little bit. He’s very enthusiastic, he’s got a very creative mind. My mentality and my persona and myself and my character more so there’s a lot of lessons more in there, but everything was impactful. I obviously never replicated a match like that because I never had a main event like that with Dallas again and that should show you and tell you who was responsible for that match. Obviously, it takes two to tango, but I was absolutely honored to take part in a monumental match with Dallas. It was awesome, it really was. There’s no doubt it was the best match of my career.”