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WWE is fond of calling back Superstars after a period of time. They did that with Sting at Night of Champions although it ended up seeing Sting sustaining a neck injury which might keep him off the squared ring for a lifetime. They may do that for Stone Cold Steve Austin some day as they are already reportedly planning to give Bill Goldberg a come back match at WrestleMania 32.

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Wrestlemania 20 is roughly 12 years ago, and that’s one pay-per-view event WWE fans would never forget as it ended up in a flopped after a great promotion from the company. WWE wanted the match between Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg to get the ultimate attention and indeed, it got it but fans ended up booing the Superstars as they considered the match to be a disappointment – WWE has flawed again? The match lacked the real substances; the actions, suspense, the tension and whatnot – it was a strange five minutes match.

After that anticlimax event, there were rumor that the two superstars were on the verge of leaving the company but that never came to pass, be it as it may. Both of them admitted that they didn’t want the match hold and were not ready for any action then.

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The real issue between the two Superstars is that they are very strong and fit, hence fans wants to have a test of their strength and power, wants to know who is stronger among them and just on what note the other would win the match. But over the years, that has never come true, in a way.

But with the latest report by Wrestling News World, we think the perfect time is here, WresleMania 32 is the answer. The American actor and former professional football player is already in talks with the officials of WWE and they seem to be considering giving him the green card although the discussion is still at the early stage, Wrestling News World reported.

Although this move for Goldberg’s return has been described as “liquid money” for the company, there are chances that fans may snob the match if WWE don’t do good promos and adverts owing to their last match at WrestleMania 20.

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In another quarters, Goldberg move as been described as Vince McMahon underhand move to snatch the semi-retired professional wrestler from TNA who has nearly completed all works for Goldberg to tour with them this January.

Recently, Goldberg himself divulged it in an interview that TNA has called him up for a deal and movie promo but WWE has been silence about his return. He said that no one in WWE has spoken or contacted him at all but that doesn’t trouble him much. So the questions fans are asking now are, “Why the sudden change of plan for WWE? Why now that TNA has scheduled him for their January Tour?