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We’re sad to inform you that popular professional wrestler and former TNA Knockout Champion, ODB was involved in an accident few days ago.

This is what really happened as narrated by ODB, real name Jessica Nora Kresa who posted the video clip on Periscope moments after it happened.

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ODB left the bar in Tampa and began the journey in her Airstream trailer. Somewhere along the line, she fell asleep while driving but was awakened at about 4.30 AM when a drunk woman rammed into her trailer.

The shock was that the woman who ran into ODB soiled herself when the police tried to make her come to her senses.

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According to ODB, she tried in vain to breathe life into the woman who was wearing a ‘hoochie dress’ and had a beer in the car.

The former TNA star went a step ahead to say that, apart from the little pain she currently feels in her neck and the dent in her trailer, she is in good shape and unhurt.

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“It sucked because I was sleeping, and my head was where she hit,” ODB said. May we remind you that ODB performed in TNA ring for eight year, from 2007-2015, during which she won the Knockouts Championship four times and Knockouts Tag Titles once.