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Paige Falls In Love and the internet went bananas as everyone Dick, Tom and Harry is more than willing to know who this cute Diva is dating.

So Who is this WWE sexy Diva, Paige dating? That’s just one question on the mind of every wrestling fan, isn’t it?

It’s expected anyway since she is one of the most successful Diva who signed to WWE under the ring name Paige and her talents and energy speak volume for her especially as WWE keeps pairing her and Charlotte lately.

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There are many rumors and stories that surround the romantic life of 22-year-old Piage but one which we prefer to make reference to came from the Q&A session at the Austin Comic Con on October 2, 2014, where the British wrestler and actress was asked if she was dating anyone.

For the heck of it, Paige is the former WWE Divas Champion, an English professional wrestler and actress with real name Saraya-Jade Bevis.

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Paige replied the interviewer by saying, “Thanks for reminding me that I’m painfully single!” But that was several months ago, more than a year now. Today, the former WWE Divas Champion is engaged, she in love with someone cute and presentable. Yes, someone has eventually captured the tender part of her heart and that’s interesting to know especially as her counterparts, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Sasha Banks and a host of others are all entwined in love.

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Paige looks very sweet and romantic truth be told, she makes a good taste for most WWE fans and professional wrestlers but that’s the line the Diva decided to toe. Paige is dating Kevin Skaff, who is the lead guitarist and a backup vocalist for the band A Day To Remember. In order to make a note on Paige, Skaff was invited to appear as a character on Total Divas, but he wouldn’t accept the offer.

We would bring more updates on Paige’s relationship status shortly. See below for “Former WWE Divas Champion Paige Falls In Love, See Photo Of Paige and Boyfriend Kissing”