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In a report that just reached our news crew, Brie Bella’s husband reportedly accused Nikki Bella of flirting with her ex-boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler possibly cheating on John Cena.

He said this in a video clip which captured Daniel Bryan, Brie and Nikki Bella when they went out for dinner during the Tuesday night’s season finale of Total Divas.

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It happened like this, Nikki, Daniel and his wife, Brie Bella accidentally bumped into Dolph Ziggler, Nikki Bella’s former sweetheart in a restaurant when they went out for dinner.

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According to the report, Nikki Bella was trying to be civil, hence she invited Ziggler, and his team to join their table and the invitation was welcome. But somewhere along the line, Nikki and Ziggler stole a moment out for themselves and began musing, ruminating and laughing about the times they shared together when they were “one”. When Nikki lifted up her face she caught Bryan making a face at her from the other side of the table.

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Uncomfortably, Nikki became and confronted Bryan after she exchanged goodbye with Ziggler saying, “I feel like you were giving me dirty looks, Bryan,” “And why should you give me that judgmental look?” she queried. Then Bryan replied, “Because it looks like you’re cheating on John?” Bryan said that with firmness and grit and at once a certain cloud descended on everyone and there was coldness. And the day and the fun was over, Wow!

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