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According to The Wrestling Observer, current TNA Tag Team Champion Davey Richards will be out for about six to nine months following an injury he suffered recently.

Just last week, Richards had a successful surgical operation to fix his ton ACL, something similar to what WWE Superstar Seth Rollins suffered late last year during his bout with Kane.

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Hence, just like Rollins, he will miss major competitions in the TNA promotion as he stays out of wrestling till August or November.

Funnily Richards didn’t see the severity of the injury in the light everyone does, probably because the pressure is on him to return to the ring on time since he just signed a guaranteed deal with TNA promotion.

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So it was no surprise when he said on Twitter that he hobbled to math class the day after surgery and aced a test, and he hopes to begin rehab very soon.

Worthy to note is that, Richards injury may be a blessings in disguise for stars like Eddie, who knows?

However we hope to see Davey Richards back in action on time – quick recovery!