Connect with us has just reported that another Superstar has passed away; he was found dead on Thursday evening in a motel room in Baltimore, Maryland.

When it was calculated, it was discovered that Axl Rotten or Brin Knighton was 44 years old when death caught up with him and that his death came 10 hours after he made an odd tweet.

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While there are arguments about what caused his death as one seems to have a clue, PW Insider has reported that the former Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) star died in a motel room in Baltimore, Maryland.

When we tried to know more about what led to his death, we discovered that Authorities were the ones who found him dead, not too long after he gave up the ghost.

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While friends, colleagues and family mourn him, worthy to note is that the career of the WWE star was one plagued by many issues such as drugs and injuries. After one very spin injury, Rotten began using a wheelchair for some time and even lived in the Anchorage Rehab Center in Salisbury, Maryland.

WWE did the much they can to see to his wellness as they provided him with rehab stints on a number of occasions and that’s about that.

Also, the former Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) star was a very close friend of Paul Heyman and their friendship gained some substances over time.

The ECW Original was a creative and innovative star so long as hardcore wrestling is concerned. However, his death came too soon.

May his soul rest in peace?