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According to Wrestling News World, WWE is already working on a possible come back of the 48-year old semi-retired WWE Superstar, Bill Goldberg.

The report detailed that William Scott or Bill Goldberg would eventually come back for Wrestlemania 32 where he would do one more match with Brock Lesnar who he combated with in WrestleMania 20. Goldberg has been off WWE and professional wrestling for about 11 years and there have been talks upon talks that WWE would bring him back, all to no effect.

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So all remained in the level of rumor and talks and tendencies for those chunk years until recently when Goldberg began talking that he would love to make a return to the squared ring for the benefit of his kid. He noted that he has the utmost desire to perform so that his kid can watch him in action. But that desire was not seeing the light of the day as he conditions he gave for his possible return was described by some powers in the TNA corridors of affairs as too high. An official, privy of the matter said that the TNA is considering Goldberg’s demand as too high and that if they are going to enter into any deal with him, he is going to bring down the line.

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Moments later, news broke that TNA is interested in having Goldberg is their 2016 January Tour; which will enable the former professional football player do the company’s promo and movie. Goldberg himself confirmed it in an interview and also divulged that WWE has been silence about his return. He said that no one in WWE has spoken or contacted him at all but that doesn’t trouble him much.

Hence, while we were just thinking that Goldberg’s WWE return would just end up as a mere wish, tale, rumor or anything that just hangs in the air for a period of time, Wrestling News World has reported that Goldberg is already in talk with the leaders-of-leaders of the WWE Company and the chances of his return is gaining substance.

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This is a good move for WWE; I suppose since there’s an unfinished business between Lesnar and Golberg at WrestleMania 20 and now seem to be the best time to use the divider. With a little push, this would translate into huge revenue for the company and WWE is just set for that. But apart from financial benefit for Vince McMahon; he could also be doing this to snatch Goldberg from their archrival, TNA who has nearly finalized all things for Goldberg’s return in January.

But sources have revealed that Goldberg may not only have to bring down the line for TNA, as reported earlier, he would also have to be ready to collect the money WWE has to offer him whether it’s enough or not, although it’s going to be very reasonable as WrestleMania is the biggest per-per-view and WWE is planning on going beyond the mark this time around.