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Former WWE United States and World Heavyweight Champion John Cena who has been down for a while now is now said to be one of the stars that would possibly make the AT&T Stadium fills to full capacity.

After taken a while off WWE schedule to film a movie for the FOX, Cena returned to do little wrestling in December. He went head-to-head with Alberto Del Rio and won the United States Championship, a title he lost to the later at Survivor Series.

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Cena’s significant shoulder injury was earlier said to be able to keep him off actions, thus missing the April’s WrestleMania 32 but with the way words are falling on us, Cena is expected to be back for Wrestmemania 32 where he would he would be pitched against The Undertaker.

Cageside Seats reports that quite a safe fraction of WWE officials are hoping that Cena would recover timely owing to the way he has magically recovered in the time past.

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If Cena is expected back, then the whole saga going on about The Undertaker facing Braun Strowman will die down naturally. Cena will go face-to-face with “The Deadman” and that’s one of the key matches Vince McMahon needs to make his all-time audience turnout record to come true.