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A report has just been filed in stating that former WWE Superstar and current TNA wrestler Kurt Angle has retracted his words and declared a possible return to WWE. Kurt Angle has always talked about his retirement; he sang that song nearly a million times this year, permit the hyperbole and all fans registered it hook, line and sinker. He said this forth coming year marks his retirement year, no alternative.

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But just before the year breaks into a new dawn, Kurt Angle changed the tune of his song; he is no more retiring and not only is he thinking in the light of TNA, he is also considering WWE return in his head.

Well, the main reason why Angle actually wanted a break from professional wrestling was because of injuries. According to him, he needs the break to allow his body to fully recover from a range of injuries he has secured over the years in his career as a professional wrestler.

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So when the 47-year-old categorically stated during an interview with WrestleTalk TV that he has no such plan of retiring just yet, fans got asking how about the injuries he talked about – the original reason why he wanted retirement. Has he lied or is he not honorable enough to abide by what he says? How about what he told TNA when he said he wants a “break” from wrestling? How long has he been in the business and which promotion will he now strike a deal with upon his returning?

Then Angle said: “I told TNA I was taking a year off, they respected my wish. They would like to talk to me in a year. WWE’s an option. I haven’t lied to TNA, I haven’t lied to anybody, I just want time off. I’ve been doing it for 16 years. I didn’t want to say I was retiring because I’d be lying.”

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Well, be sure to see Angle in action this 2016 if his injuries heal up on time. He previously had discussions on his return with the officials of WWE but that discussion never materialized into anything worthwhile as Angle later revealed that they could not strike a deal. So Angle may return to WWE and possibly Wrestlemania 32 if he gets well on time and of course WWE needs a wrestler of his caliber owing to their consistent steeping graph ratings.