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Roman Reigns is one WWE Superstar who is currently garnering a huge number of fans by the day. On his way to this mark, the road was somewhat rough for him, unlike his former teammate Dean Ambrose who fans love and are always ready to give him that chant solidarity.
Report says that while WWE was in a some sort of dilemma on who to turn heel between him and Ambrose, Roman fans slightly pushed up on the graph, while that of Ambrose remained strong as ever. One of the main issues with Reigns is that he is bad on the mic, he has improved slightly though but not with much difference even with all the rehearsals WWE is giving him.

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So why did WWE decided to work on a heel? WWE needed a replacement for Seth Rollins who went down with knee injury. Also WWE was beginning to lack top babyfaces and they needed to work on that.
Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns were the Superstars that the anointed mantled rested upon. But while Triple H rooted for Ambrose to be turned heel, Vince McMahon objected and handpicked Reigns as the one who should be turned heel – and so it was, Daily Wrestling News reported.

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But in order for Reigns to achieve that, there had to be a distracter, someone who would take the shape of a mountain that he has to surpass. So Sheamus was the figure. He held the WWE World Heavyweight Title for roughly a month and lost it to Reigns, the perfect game was done.

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Although Dean Ambrose seems to be a natural heel, the challenge he has had over the years is the way WWE booked him; they book him wrongly just like they do to a lot of Superstars and Divas in the main roster.

But sources are already reporting that Ambrose would get better booking in the nearest future and his career would take a different direction – a direction which fans have always loved and wanted WWE to set him on. The truth is, no matter what atrocities Ambrose has committed over the years, fans still see him as their own star and they give him their support like crazy.

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