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The secret has been exposed that the president of TNA Dixie Carter and company are preventing their performers from telling people what is really going on behind the scene with respect to why their India tour was canceled.

There were many speculations and wrangling about the issue moments ago. Everyone wanted to know why the tour deal was cancelled but somehow along the line, the matter died down when news came onboard on TNA’s new television deal with POP TV.

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But just few days ago, Robbie E had an interview with Wrestling Inc where the topic came up again and Robbie E stated that the tour of India was canceled.
The original statement from TNA was that the tour was actually postponed till next year due to a number of issues like logistics as noted by Multi Screen Media (MSM) who do the funding and arrangement for TNA.

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When that was stated, the public took their attention away from the company unknown that there was more to that. Lately Samoa Joe and James Storm left the company for WWE and a couple of people raised eyebrow but they never thought things could be that bad still. Now it’s becoming glaring that the company could be broke. In fact, it’s said by fans that the company will soon fold up due to financial constraint especially as their financial records are not made available to the public.

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Just recently, TNA received a heavy knock when Destination America dropped them. Everyone was alarm, throwing it at Dixie Carter who they supposed should have gotten a new home for Impact Wrestling. They wanted to draw a line between the domestic and international television deals that TNA had but failed. They didn’t have enough facts. They never knew that the deal TNA had with the Destination America did not affect the deals that have overseas – they thought that that was what led to the cancellation of the India tour.

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Contrary to widespread opinion and speculation that the company would crash any time soon due to financial constraint, TNA has started working on a different road to see that they recover from their setbacks and bounce back to form. They’ve signed a remarkable deal with POP TV which by implication means their product can now be aired and promoted week in and week out.

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TNA would do more in the days to come, they are on their way. If they could do touring around the United States again, they are sure to make good money and be ready for international tours. They have always done well in the United Kingdom and we hope when they eventually decide to tour there or any other place again, probably India this time around, they do well as well.

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