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In the light of the recent developments around Roman Reigns about his seemingly snobbish attitude towards his numerous fans despite his burgeoning fan base.

Recently in an interview he conducted with Ring Rust Radio, Roman Reigns was whether had considered popular opinion among the great WWE Legends which indicated that he should turn on his fans to make a statement.
This was his shocking response:

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“You know, I don’t look at it as turning on the fans, because I don’t think they have turned on me. I still have a really large fan base and supporters that dig what I do. They love my matches and are entertained by my segments.

For me, I think I need to stick with what I have been doing. We live in a world where everybody has an opinion and an opportunity to voice their opinions so it becomes a very critical era that we live in.

For me, I know who I am, where I want to go, so I am just going to stick to my guns and keep doing what I am doing. It’s making for a loud reaction and that’s all that matters.”

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Roman Reigns has continued to both raise and lower the spirits of his fans throughout this week’s RAW. Although his babyface status that he has successfully maintained is on thing that as endeared this unusual fighter to his burgeoning fan base.

Will this his attitude of indifference pay him in the long run on his career? Time will tell. But from what we are seeing now, change is something far-fetched.