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Normally, it should be the PPV match after WrestleMania but this year’s own has turned out to be indeed different. It has been postponed by the WWE to take place on the 1st of May and the card for this match is doing very good.

During the just concluded RAW and Smackdown, foundation was laid for a lot of feud and tough matches that will lead in the show. It is said that Roman Reigns have in mind who his first challenger is. Now the question is what about other big names what direction does the WWE has for them?

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Here are some possible matches for the Pay-Per-View; Becky Lynch vs Emma. Becky Lynch did very well at WrestleMania 32 even went far as defeating Charlotte who is the WWE Women’s Champion. Again she has been fix in a match with Emma.

This is indeed a platform for Emma to make up with the matches lost. In this week Smackdown, Emma interrupted Becky in a backstage interview. This shows that it is going to be a tough fight against these fighters.

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This is indeed war that will clash for it is the plan of the WWE to reintroduce Emma as a thorn in Becky’s flesh. It is going to be rough and rugged.