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Shane McMahon has finally dropped a shock when he was speaking about his relationship with The Undertaker, his father as well as how he felt when he walked into RAW nearly a week ago and the reception he received.

In the weeks leading up to his highly anticipated WWE return, Shane McMahon recently appeared on The Michael Kay Show in New York to discuss various topics ranging from his relationship with The Undertaker, the rapport he shares with his dad Vince and much more.

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Speaking about his surprise appearance on RAW where he announced his return, Shane said he was completely blown away by the reception he received from the fans, which he said humbled him. The younger McMahon confessed that he was unsure of the reception that awaited him, while also stating that he’ll always treasure that emotional moment, which he still pinches himself about, forever, calling it ‘off the charts’.

On the question of whether he missed the ring life, Shane stated that there was no feeling like it, labelling the energy that the crowd radiates as ‘special’. McMahon also confessed to wrestling with a chip on his shoulder in order to differentiate himself from his famous father.

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Shane also confessed that the WWE formed a major part of his childhood, with a big part of it spent by paying dues, setting rings up, taking jackets for the company, and learning the tricks of the trade. The younger McMahon spoke about the respect he has for WWE’s talent, noting that they don’t have the easiest job in the world.

When asked whether his relationship was frosty at times, Shane stated that that was a private matter but did hint that their relationship does get rocky at times, but noted that working with one’s own family was always rewarding. McMahon also said that he was really proud to appear on WrestleMania especially because of his kids, who are highly excited to see their dad on TV.

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The 46-year-old was also asked whether joining WWE in an executive role was on the cards to which McMahon replied that WrestleMania was his main focus for now.

When quizzed about his relationship with The Undertaker, Shane stated that they share a friendship that goes back 25 years. McMahon confessed that duo have had a lot of fun together in their long friendship. The younger generation McMahon made sure to note that he’s taking his match with Taker very seriously because if you don’t give it your all, then you let the fans down.

As for his advice for Undertaker, Shane said the wrestler should just relax, take it easy and train for the big day.