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According to a report by Cagesideseats, The Undertaker would turn heel and join forces with The Authority as WrestleMania approaches.

The upcoming episode of RAW is set to be a firecracker of a show as Undertaker is scheduled to return and would address his impending Hell in a Cell match against Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 32.

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The WWE Universe is curious when it comes to Undertaker’s direction heading into the show and the latest update would come as a surprise, even though it’s the most likely outcome on the cards.

According to reports from Cagesideseats, Undertaker would turn heel and align himself with Vince McMahon in the upcoming weeks. Shane McMahon is set to go into WrestleMania as the bonafide face whereas Undertaker is expected to work his match as a heel.

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Undertaker’s allegiance is the biggest question going into RAW, and if the reports have any weight to it, the Authority could have the Phenom by their side after RAW. A full-blown heel turn is something Taker hasn’t experienced in a while, even though he showed shades (low blow) of a heel in his feud with Brock Lensar.

It also should be noted that Shane McMahon would indeed be wrestling at the grandaddy of all pay-per-views, and would not be nominating any WWE star in his place. As of this writing, a heel Undertaker vs a face Shane O’Mac in the confines of the Hell in a Cell is the rumored plan for the show in Dallas.