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The current WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal has been the talks of the day since the Superstar Shake-Up at the break of April where he was moved from Monday Night Raw to SmackDown Live.

In the just concluded Backlash, Mahal smashed Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship for the first time since he joined biggest wrestling promotion in the world which is managed by Vince McMahon.

Hence, he would be facing Orton next two weeks at Money In The Bank where he would be defending the WWE Championship title. While that match seemed to be indelibly imprinted on the marble, some sort of allegations has been leveled against him that he is on steroids.

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In a recent interview with GQ, Jinder Mahal addressed the accusations that his fans have been throwing at him on social media. When it comes to the topic of him using PEDs to enhance his look, Mahal simply waved it away pointing that his huge and dominating figure is nothing short an extreme workout regimen plus adequate intake of legal supplements and protein.

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“I don’t think people realize the hard work that goes into it. Nobody sees the work I’m putting in the gym. Nobody sees me doing cardio first thing in the morning. Nobody sees me lugging around that suitcase. And just generally, people don’t have that much knowledge about diet and the effects that diet alone can have on your body. If you see a bodybuilder before they’re in competition shape to when they get into competition shape, that’s all dieting, carb cutting, and macronutrients. I mean, you can totally transform yourself just by cutting carbs and even something as simple as drinking a gallon of water a day. The average person—like, 90 percent of the average population—is dehydrated. That’s another thing that I do now, which has been a huge key.”

The WWE official website has made a note on Mahal’s interview pinning that he has been working out hard and dieting right to get into shape. But Natural bodybuilder Nick Miller doesn’t share the same faith; he thinks that Mahal is on Steroids and should be tested outright. Miller believes that Mahal didn’t achieve his new physique in a natural fashion.

If eventually Mahal is tested and found positive, then WWE would issue him suspension; for WWE takes its Wellness Policy seriously.