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WWE Total Divas star Nikki Bella was recently engaged by his beloved boyfriend John Cena just a few months ago but before that time, words was that John Cena will not go to the extent of engaging her.

Cena has always said as much that he wants no marriage nor kids from Nikki but Nikki has always believed she would get pregnant for Cena one day…

According to WWE longest reigning Divas Champion is on the verge of quitting her wrestling career following a neck injury she sustained.

Reports from multiple sources have revealed that Nikki Bella has been going through tough times as she struggles with her WWE career.

No doubt, she’s missed a great deal as she is inevitably rated as one of the most popular and successful WWE Diva in history.
However, her time in wrestling is expected to come to an end sooner than a lot of people were expecting.

As that dangles in the air, it becomes unavoidable to ask if Nikki Bella and his long time WWE boyfriend would eventually decide to get married and possibly have children; despite the fact that Cena has said never wants no marriage, nor child, from Nikki or whosoever.

John Cena and Nikki Bella have a lot of sex; as they are cornered to put their love lives on display for reality TV despite the fact that their relationship is portrayed as very complicated on Total Divas.

So the intense sexual passion between the love birds must also provide their greatest complication to date. Having said that, Nikki eternally believes that it would only take time, she could be pregnant for Cena, and what better place to put that assumption on display than on hit E! reality show!

Nikki and her twin sister, Brie usually sees their period about the same time, before things changed; changed for Brie and possibly changed for her too.

Nikki didn’t see her period, she was alarmed and she hurriedly decided to take a pregnancy test in a bathroom stall during a live WWE show owing to the backdrop that pregnancy could greatly affect her WWE standing as seen in the video clips below.

Nikki was restless, troubled out of the box as she moves with her sister for the pregnancy test as captured below:
And the result is out; Nikki wasn’t pregnant. The veteran Diva’s response to the thought of “What if it had been positive?” was “Can you imagine if I couldn’t have wine for nine months?” We are all very fortunate that the pregnancy test read: “No.”