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Sky Sports News HQ has disclosed that former Manchester United star Ryan Giggs will be leaving the club in order to pursue a managerial career but that is not all…

Reports revealed that Ryan Giggs has a strong desire to become a manager and the emergence of Jose Mourinho wouldn’t give him the leeway to do so owing to the little experience he has earned over the years with the veteran Dutch boss Louis van Gaal.

Worthy to note is, when Mourinho was appointed as the new coach of Manchester United, he came forth with a new formula of course. One of such was to replace Giggs as the assistant manager of the club with his very loyal and trusted assistant Rui Faria.

That spurred up something in the club and inched Giggs to think of pursuing his managerial career. Reports from Sky sources revealed that Giggs was disappointed by that development for management to give Mourinho the job instead of him. He had always wanted to coach the club; hence he became frustrated that the management overlooked him for the Man Utd job in favour of Mourinho.

And to make matter worse, Mourinho is now flinging him to somewhere lesser – a lesser role which is unfit for someone of his caliber.

That said, Giggs is now pitched on putting an end to his 29-year association with the club as he does not want to accept a reduced role at Old Trafford, instead he prefers to launch into the wind, to explore opportunities in management elsewhere.