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According to a report by Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE Diva Lana could be having yet another backstage heat in WWE.

This is coming after The Rock made a note on RAW few days ago that he and Lana had a romantic encounter the last time they appeared on Raw together and just half the arc, Rusev appeared and put a stop to the talk.

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Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio picked a note from that encounter and stated that there could be more to what happened on the surface between The Rock and Lana. He said that yet again Lana could be having a backstage heat in WWE.

Meltzer came forth with these words, “Something happened where she said something. It’s probably nothing, but everybody’s talking about it,” he said. “Essentially she’s got the new round [of heat].”

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While that is yet to be confirmed, worthy to note is that WWE Divas Lana and Paige have who have been on the opposite sides of the game may have put their differences behind and decided to forge ahead as friends.

Their differences were born when Lana’s real-life engagement to Rusev was leaked. In the process Lana called Paige a bully on Twitter and she was attacked fiercely by fans and whatnot.

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As things proceeded, WWE converted it into a storyline where her, Rusev and Dolph Ziggler were involved but somehow the story ended sharply which made a few people to wriggled their noses. And the rest is history!