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According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon has eventually told the former United States Champion that his time in the WWE ring is over.

It has been an awful week in the professional wrestling industry, we observed but if rumor is anything to go by, then Daniel Bryan is done with the company rather I should say, WWE has showed Bryan the back down.

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Either, just around the period of Royal Rumble, a news broke that WWE is set to let Bryan go but later WWE debunked it stating that there’s no truth in that statement.

So Bryan was expected in Royal Rumble but he never surfaced. And When a few people began thinking he could juts make it to Fastlane or WrestleMania 32, Wrestling Observer Newsletter has just reported that Vince McMahon has told Bryan that he would not do any wrestling again.

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As compensation, Bryan was offered non-wrestling roles but report says that he’s yet to accept the offer. For the now, Bryan is adamant that he would only remain in WWE if he’s allowed to do wrestling again. So there are chances that he might leave. We shall keep you updated as information becomes available to us.