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A report has just reached us stating that WWE may fire Roman Reigns following his action against Triple H on RAW a little while ago. If that does happen, WWE may have to work on a new babyface that would make the main roster for WrestleMania 32.

The real issue boils down to Roman Reigns actions against his bosses, Triple H and WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon on RAW. Going by what Stephanie McMahon said, WWE has made up plans to probe Reigns over his actions against the two people that means a lot to her life, the two people she holds very close to her heart, Triple H and her father.

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The new storyline implies that, WWE would set Reigns on fire and call Triple H back to the ring.

While there are arguments about that storyline as fans seem not be very comfortable with a thing or two about, WWE has come forth with an alternative plan. This plan seems to be fair and likely going to be followed to the letter.

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According to, Triple H would wrestle with Reigns before WresleMania 32 and the former would defeat the latter and strip him off the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Title and do a storyline firing as a way of given the mantle back to the master.

But we can’t draw the curtain there, WWE might have a change of plan, change of storyline, it won’t be surprising if they do, yet again. Because whenever a Superstar faces anyone who comes in the name of The Authority, fans usually dive in the opposite direction in favor of the Superstar. They did that for Big Show in 2013, Brock Lesnar a year ago and Kane this year. So we look forward to what WWE eventually decides on. Whether they would go ahead with the plan or create a better storyline is yet to be decided by WWE.