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Private photographs of former WWE Divas Melina, Victoria and Maria have been leaked online, featuring the popular female pro-wrestlers in various states of undress, as reported by Ringsidenews.

This news comes just days after a scandal involving the leaks of private photographs and videos of Paige, Summer Rae and Kaitlyn.

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Melina Perez is a former 2-time WWE Divas champion and a 3-time WWE Women’s champion who currently performs on the independent circuit.

Victoria (real name Lisa Marie Varon) is a former 2-time WWE Women’s champion and 5-time TNA Knockouts champion who is also a fitness competitor and bodybuilder. Maria Kanellis-Bennett is a former TNA Knockouts champion best known for her time with the WWE.

The controversial pictures feature the three women in various compromising positions and have been leaked by anonymous hackers. The pictures appear to have been obtained from either their phones or cloud storage accounts.

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The pictures have since gone viral and have circulated through social media. Maria, Victoria and Melina haven’t commented on the leaks as of yet.
What’s next?

The three former WWE employees presently perform in smaller pro-wrestling organisations. In fact, Melina is the reigning Queen of Southside Wrestling and is also the MCW Women’s champion

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She is currently on a small hiatus owing to a knee injury.

This appears to be nothing more than a cowardly act by the unethical hackers, aimed at harassing current and former WWE stars.

However, invading another human being’s privacy and exposing their private lives for the whole world to see, is a criminal offence punishable by law. Let’s hope that the cops crack down on these cyber criminals, bring them to justice and most of all – stop this series of chaotic events.

The former WWE Divas are not to be held responsible in this situation as it’s not their fault. Here’s hoping that they stay strong and move on with their heads held high