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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross just shared some tragic news regarding his wife Jan’s status. The WWE legend said that she has been put on life support and that her brain injury has turned ‘catastrophic’.

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Jan Ross was returning home from the gym on Monday on her Vespa when a car knocked her down from the back — She was riding without a helmet when she was hit. As a result, she has suffered a “catastrophic brain injury including multiple skull fractures.”

On Wednesday, Ross described the pain he is going through as he watches his wife battle her injuries. In a blog post on his website, the wrestling commentator also discussed the first time he met his wife.

The pro wrestling fraternity has been praying for Jan ever since Jim broke the sad news, with WWE stars, legends and wrestling pundits constantly reminding the fans about her condition and praying for her well-being.

Jim Ross posted a heartfelt blog on the condition of his wife in which he seemed optimistic about her well-being. He said that he hopes the swelling in her brain reduces soon, which is a necessary sign of her recovery.

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“It’s that simple. Nonetheless, my little, Italian angel who loves her Steelers and all things Pittsburgh is fighting for all’s she worth to save her life. I will fully admit that there has been no experience in my life that could have prepared me for this life changing week. To see one’s life partner and love of one’s life being kept alive via life support equipment is tragically heartbreaking.”

Ross expressed immense gratitude towards the fans and all those who are currently praying for his wife’s survival.

“My wife would be so moved to know how many of you are praying for her.”

The heartbreaking update from the WWE legend has saddened the pro wrestling community. Big Show also offered his support to Good Ol’ JR’s wife and said that the entire WWE is wholeheartedly praying for her.

Below is his full heartbreaking message:

Jan and I started seeing each other in my WCW days and she remained steadfast at my side during my 21 year WWE run, of which she dearly loved and always felt like we were a member of a family there, no matter the various challenges that confronted us along the way including my three bouts with Bells palsy. She never wavered.

Jan and I had memorable success together when I was managing WWE’s Talent Relations Department. We were a team in WWE. I was a “coach” and Jan was the best coach’s wife ever. She loved the talents and their spouses, invited them into our home, cooked for them and even did some of their laundry that they would bring over. Some of the Attitude Era’s biggest stars were made to feel welcome in our home over the years thanks to my wife.

She helped me battle thru multiple bouts of depression as a result of the multiple, Bells palsy attacks, my dependence on Ambian, and nursed me to back health after serious, colon surgery that threatened my life and she never complained one time.

This woman loves me more than I’ll ever deserve and simply knowing her has enriched my life to levels that I can never repay.