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Daniel Bryan has already bowed out from professional wrestling but his name continues to ring bell every now and then and in nearly every media outlet.

William Regal is one Wrestling legend who has similar performance like Daniel Bryan. William warns the young Wrestlers to be conscious of their moves in the ring, it might be risky sometimes. He doesn’t want the young wrestlers to make the mistakes he made.

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Although, William Regal no longer performs in the ring but he is still part of the industry through his relationship with WWE. As a past timer, he took it as a responsibility to caution the young wrestlers of the dangers ahead of them.

To make sure that he is not being misquoted by fans, Regal Twitted, “ It was not to seek sympathy for myself, but simply a warning for others.” Too many has sustained injuries just because of dangerous moves in the ring. According to Forbes magazine, Daniel Bryant was told to retire sooner than he wanted to because of recurring injuries.

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Scott Hall loves to keep the moves at all times just like his master Jake Roberts. Robert Jake has always told Wrestlers to limit their move set. Finally, WWE focused more on the safety of their wrestlers. Even at this, injuries still abound in WWE. William Regal wants to ensure that injuries are reduced that things will not be as bad as it used to be.