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The debuting into main roster is really an interesting moment for all superstars. WWE has just announced another huge debut that would be taking place on monday night RAW.

A title changing hands down in NXT is usually a good way to determine who is the next person to come to the main roster. While the algorithm isn’t as perfect as it sounds since NXT superstars have lost the belt before and stayed down in NXT, Samoa Joes’s absence from the upcoming crop of NXT tapings seems to point to the former TNA superstar coming to the main roster.

In fact, another number one contender for Shinsukei Kamara’s NXT title all but verifies that the man will be making his way to Monday Night Raw this week for his long overdue main roster debut.

According to, “It has been rumored for the past six months that once Joe ends his feud with Nakamura, that he would be headed to the main roster. WWE held it’s NXT tapings back on Wednesday, which cover NXT television for the next three weeks.

Joe was absent at this event, and the company held a series of matches to determine a new number one contender for the NXT Title. With Bobby Roode slated to face Shinsuke Nakamura at the next NXT Takeover special, one would believe that Joe’s feud with Nakamura is finally over and it’s time for him to come to the main roster. ”

But who would he feud with? That seems to be the only problem here as his rumored feud with Strowman doesn’t seem all that practical right now and a squash match against some jobber would be that satisfying of a debut for Joe. With that being said, it is not a stretch of the imagination to believe that Joe’s opponent on Monday night would be one of the more heavyweight superstars on the roster and could even be the big show. From there, WWE could then do the buildup between Strowman and Samoa Joe and save that encounter for an upcoming pay per view.