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Shane McMahon’s buying Newcastle United F.C. would have been a wonderful thing for the McMahon’s family had the deal came through – unfortunately, it never did.

Sports headlines and wrestling, headlines in particular, are filled with stories and information about him. His return has really generated heat in the ring and in WWE.

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With that a little behind him, Shane McMahon has his eyes fixed on his upcoming match with the Undertaker. This has been termed a power- tussle, because the outcome will determine the future of the WWE, from immediately after WrestleMania 32.

Is Shane McMahon’s return premised on the fact that he has lost a couple of business bids since he walked away from the WWE?

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Is Shane trying to prove to his father, his followers and the watching world that he is capable of manning an enterprise all by himself?

He had lost his bid for the English Football Club Newcastle, which is currently owned by the Mike Ashley, an English Billionaire. Word is that, Shane wanted to buy the Football Club without his father having a hand in it presumptuously because they had differences prior.

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He also lost the bids for RINGS and PRIDE. PRIDE was acquired by UFC. But he successfully bought a Chinese company called YOU on Demand (a pay-per-view service company) and was the CEO until 2013.