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Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles were joined by Reigns when the camera went off….

Indeed, last week’s episodes of RAW was the best of its kind as the prodigal son was in charge. There was the unusual victory between two legend who could split.

In the show, Roman Reigns was supposed to get the embrace of fans but it wasn’t so instead, Bray Wyatt who was supposed to be hated now was the most cherished.

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This happened during RAW, that anytime Wyatt makes his moves fans will cheer but this was not so any time Roman Reigns makes his moves. After the match, Roman Reigns and Wyatt had a wonderful time where Wyatt got Reigns attention but later on the reverse became the case.

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Reigns teamed with his brother Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles when the camera went off. The later concluded the match after Ambrose put the finishing touches on Eric Rowan. It all didn’t went well at all you really need to have been yourself.