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The fate of CM Punk’s UFC contract may hang in the balance with everyone wondering if the former WWE star would re-new his contract or walk back into the WWE fold.

December 2014 saw the ex-WWE World Heavyweight Champion sign up in UFC upon his decision to become a member of the mixed martial arts world.

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CM Punk had walked out of the WWE, according to Jim Ross, an ex-commentator for the WWE because he was miserable. He went on to say CM Punk did not fit in to the noisy atmosphere of the WWE.

But the ex-Champion has since not taken up any fight reasons being that he has not succeeded in recuperating from injuries sustained during his time the WWE.

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FOX Sports reports (in a Tweet) Mickey Gall as saying he might ruin Punk’s dreams of making a name for himself in MMA. This was February 16, 2016. Punk will make his debut in the Octagon around July 2016 and intends to fight about eight times before he pulls out.

For his still uncertain debut in the MMA, many speculate Punk may want to return to the WWE. This was further fuelled by John Cena’s post of a CM Punk photo and was taken to whole new level of fan-shrieking reactions, when the WWE itself reviewed the wrestlers profile on its site.

Monday Night Raw takes place in CM Punk’s home state of Illinois and this be a great opportunity for the ex-Champion to make his return to the WWE. But then again that may never.