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As criticism rocks WWE RAW from all sides and quarters, Triple H has taken his turn on the WWE’s current product RAW offers which has hit very terrible state lately owing to the holocaust injuries that plagues most of its Superstars and the provisional departure of WWE’s biggest stars John Cena and Brock Lesnar.

Apart from the fact that quite a number of WWE Superstars are down with injuries and a few others on provisional leave, WWE creative have not really been all that wonderful lately. Their storylines have been vague, plain and too ordinary for fans to savor. In fact, they have been said to be the actually reason why WWE has plodded and its current product hit an historic low ratings.

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With the way things are going with WWE, they would soon become stranded if don’t do anything about their product and they are quite aware of this fact. Hence Triple H who has been involved in the creative process in the company for quite some time, acknowledged WWE’s creative issues while promoting next week’s NXT Takeover: London special on the WWE Network. He said:

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“We just have to become more disciplined and more creative with how we do things, and how we operate the shows. We’ve had some unfortunate situations with injuries and everything else. It’s on us to be more creative and come up with a better format; a better show. We hear people’s frustrations, and in a lot of ways feel the same way. It’s fixing it, and, trying to fix it. It is what it is. How we fix it, we’re not 100 percent sure yet. But, we will get there. Trust me.”

Candidly Triple H continued, spoke about the three-hour-long RAW show and the frustrations from fans. He in a way said that the show is too long and it’s rather difficult for anyone to seat for such a time for a show or movie.

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“If the thought would be to do it there that night, then you’re just doing a third hour. Then, it’s not NXT, then it’s not different and not a different feel and flavor. Is there a way to do that? Maybe. I think at the end of the day, three hours – no matter how you do it – is extremely difficult. I’ll be the first guy to admit that if I go to a movie and it’s longer than two hours, then I’m looking at my watch, no matter how good it is.”

However, John Cena and Brock Lesnar will soon be back to WWE television and if WWE creative works on the three-hour-long issue and cooks up something more creative, then we all will see RAW bounce back to his original state and probably even a better state since WWE has signed more stars lately.