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After the loss of Argentina to Chile in the 2016 Copa America final the Argentina super star Lionel Messi in anger reveal and indicate that he is retiring from International Football. Mentioning his career in his country Argentina is not well polished, having been defeated in the Copa America final thrice now is not in any way advisable to him.

Never the less Lionel Messi of Argentina has been a great history in terms of football most especially in scoring great goals and also his long-range strikes.

The early stage of Lionel Messi Career in Argentina was very great and it is worth remembering, 2005 Champion, Messi at 18 lead Argentina into the semifinal and finally win the cup, which awarded him Golden Boot and Golden Ball.

But due to the present condition of Argentina always been defeated at the Copa America Final has been in one way or the other trying to bring down the reputation of the super star Lionel Messi which the fort is not from him.

Lionel Messi International Legacy is full of hat-trick which is unforgettable, Messi has been the only player to dribble over four great defenders which include David Luis and Thiago Silva and scored in 92nd minute winning against Brazil.

The Argentina loss to Chile is very disappointing to Lionel Messi, failing to secure even one winners medal in three attempts in the final places him on a lower pedestal than Pele or Maradona.