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According to the, Lionel Messi has decided to go back on his original statement of intent that he is not going to play for is national team following Argentina loss in the final of the Copa America centenario.

Messi has realize that going out of the international team will cause a lot of damage for his team and has decided to go back, as a footballer some time we say some things out of anger.’s report comes from Argentinian newspaper, La Nacion who report that Messi will return in November to play for La Albiceleste, which all but confirm our suspicions that his initial announcement that he was retiring was simply done in the heat of the moment.

Simply put, Messi will come back because he’s now laser-focused on competing in the 2018 World Cup in Russia and winning it for Argentina. At only 29, it makes perfect sense that the man who is arguably the world’s greatest player come back to play for his nation, where he already holds the all-time scoring record.

Messi is not just a player but an elephant that can enter were ever he want to enter and display. each time Messi is with the ball he has already calculated what he will do in is mind a player that has divers kind of dribbling skill on him, Messi the missiles Messi.

According to messi speech he said that life is not all about decision but about the people around you, that it will hurt him to quit the team, as his decision can cause serious damage to the national success of the squad.