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The Argentina believe that the Welshman contributed more than his Real Madrid counterpart and Added that Wales are not to be underestimated in the game of foot ball

Diego Maradona believes Gareth Bale has Wales are contributed more to Wales’ progress than Cristiano Ronaldo has for Portugal at Euro 2016.

Bale, who has three goals to his name, has helped Wales take the European Championship by storm, with Chris Coleman’s men entertaining all the way to the final four.

Portugal has all it takes to win the game to the final but because all their star are not feet and also has not understand their self very well, Portugal Player has all it takes in their team, equip they are very well equip

Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo has scored two goals – both against Hungary – though he has often cut a frustrated figured in France this is because during that France match cristiano teammate have not yet understand him that well, cristino is a player that has confident on himself and believe on what he can do without the help of any player he can still sourced in the game, cristino also said that the season he could not perform well in that game was because he is not physical feet..

“This will also be a clash between the left and right flanks of Real Madrid,” Maradona wrote in his column for the Times of India .
“It’s a team game, where you do look up to individuals like Ronaldo and Bale, if you have them. Ball control, speed and shooting make them special

“Their contributions will always be crucial because they can create that decisive moment. So far, Bale has contributed more to his team’s progress than Portugal has got from Ronaldo.”It is like that because portugual has never given them the opportunity to show fort himself that much..

“All European teams have a sense of positional discipline and Wales is no exception. Coleman’s boys have adapted well to the modern 3-5-2 formation. Blessed with a dash of talent up front