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It is a menace to be working so hard and not getting anything as reward. The famous French wrestler René “Duprée” Goguen was a member of the WWE and the youngest to attain the WWE championship award.

It has been noted by that this young champion has filed a lawsuit against the WWE for his unpaid royalties and that of other wrestlers.

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Duprée explained that he signed a contract with the company which gave the company ownership for making use of his likeness. WWE agreed to pay for using the likeness but Dupree further explained that the company has failed to pay. The lawsuit is demanding for millions of dollars.

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The WWE lawyer, Jerry McDevitt told Hollywood that René Duprée has signed a contract with WWE in 2011 which disprove his claims. He also told it Dupree’s lawyer who replied that he knew nothing about it. The WWE has urged Dupree’s lawyer to cancel the lawsuit as soon as possible.

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Does this mean that René “Duprée” Goguen won’t get his claims substantiated? Will his lawsuit against the company just die like that without gaining anything?

Well, Let’s watch and see what comes out of the case. Stay online!