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The plan for the WWE European tour is ongoing, most stars did left after RAW last week and others will be leaving after SmackDown taping. But it seems that the chief guess of the tour would be absent.

Lately, it was advertised that The Undertaker will appear in some major venues of the tour. According to, it has been stated that The Undertaker has been pulled from the tour and replaced with Kane. The reason for this has not been stated by the WWE but rumors has it that Undertaker was seen telling people that his match with Shane was his last.

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Even at this, The Undertaker is still advertised for the April 19th SmackDown teaming with Kane to face Eric Rowan and Braun Strowman. This match was supposed to be Taker and Big Show vs Luke Harper and Eric Rowan but because of Luke’s injury, it was re-scheduled.

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The Undertaker has huge fans in UK and these folks will miss him and the WWE will also miss him if eventually he misses the UK tour.