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The so called battle between Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo has finally came to test, the two super stars from Wale and Portugal has been waiting for a time like this to show off what they have in them.

Meanwhile most of their fans has always want them to go for a test which just happened, Bale is an experienced player and Cristiano Ronaldo on the other hand is a very skillful player who always find his way out in the mist of strikers to make sure he gets to his destination.

Bale did everything possible to break through the Semi-final, Wales coach gave Bale a go ahead to play in any angle which he think it will be favorable to him but unfortunately all his work was in vain.

Cristiano Ronaldo is always the man of the match who always fly in the sky to score a goal, he is a bullet header and a football distributer in a match, Ronaldo finds his way out in the mist of two striker in just a close range 50th and 53rd minutes and he broke out with Wales, it was just like a dream but its reality.

See what happened in the first half of the game, were Wales’ level of inspiration increased whenever there super star Bale touches the ball, but unfortunately it didn’t work out as planned for him.

Chris Coleman their Manager had given him license and privilege to roam wherever he felt will give a positive result at the end.