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As the likes of Johnny Gargano and Ethan are still on their road to recovery from the I QUIT match, the Evolve 49 came up yesterday as Sami Zayn appeared on stage with full confidence as he was warmly received by fans.

Sami Zayn said he’s glad to return after few years of non appearance, it would be recalled that Sami Zayn had his teeth cut in one of Evolve shows which made him to be off the stage.

He expressed his profound gratitude to all his fans for their love and support for always being there for him. He therefore promised not to disappoint them in doing all he can to remain the champion he used to be.

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Sami Zayn boastfully labeled himself a professional wrestler and said its going to be bigger and better this time. As Zayn’s music added to the fun, he admonished Johnny Gargano to become the man of the match “EVOLVE champion”: and passed a vote of confidence on him.

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