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Shane McMahon happened to run RAW last week. Though he appeared just to say goodbye but he ended up running the show, and it was indeed the best of its kind. Shane proved to his father that he can run RAW better than anybody else. Vince became uncomfortable as his plans to face down Shane failed.

This week appearance of Shane will be the main event. The appearance was listed by The WWE but it has not been mentioned whether or not he will be running the show.

There is a prove of this as Vince McMahon or The Authority has not been listed, so, Shane may probably be running the Show. It was rumored that Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon will appear on RAW also.

Furthermore, we expect to see the confrontation between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Also, Natalya stated how her sight is set on Women’s Championship and again, the WWE Universe just can’t wait to see Ambrose reacting to Jericho’s slight on SmackDown last week.

This week’s Raw promises to be great with all these activities revolving. But the question is will The WWE set pace? Well, let’s just seat back, relax and watch out for what happens. Stay online as we promise to always bring you latest updates.