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After a huge match with The Undertaker, Shane McMahon appeared on RAW last week though he lost the fight. His father Vince McMahon had to give him control over RAW.

The reason for this was to make fool of Shane; Vince thought that Shane cannot perform at the show. But unfortunately to him, Shane gave the best presentation so far.

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It has been noted lately that Shane is set to appear on this week RAW. The WWE announced using Twitter that Shane will take control of this week RAW due to the huge support of social media and fans.

It is so excited to know that Shane will be in control of RAW this week, and as we all know that with Shane there is never a dull moment.

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I have been expecting to hear the WWE announce the Shane taking over RAW. If the company plans to give Shane control over RAW then what is reason for the stipulation in the match with The Undertaker?

The match between these fighters being the main event really gave fans a whole sections of fun. Also, it turned down the expectation of Shane’s fans who has hoped that Shane should win.

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Nevertheless, these fans are still very glad as Shane gets control of RAW.