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Jimmy Korderas, a notable and remarkable former WWE referee just published this article debating if hardcore fans are ready for Roman’s reign.

Jimmy Korderas, a very significant and remarkable former WWE referee who has been in the industry for more than 20 years just published an article debating if hardcore fans are ready for Roman’s reign.

He made this publication with another blogger, Shane Shoemaker. Below here are excerpts of the debate:

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Roman Reigns has done nothing short of work very hard at improving not only his in ring performance; he has also made strides on the microphone. He’s not Paul Heyman or the Rock on the stick but then again, who is? There were several past WWE champions that were not so great on the mic. Jeff Hardy, Bob Backlund, Bruno, Sid just to name a few. All very popular but not great talkers. Even current WWE champ Seth Rollins could use some work. So that argument has no teeth.

The other aspect that the HC wrestling community does not take into consideration is the main stream appeal. No one has more main stream appeal than John Cena. Like it or not, he is the biggest wrestling superstar on the planet even though he is vilified by HC fans. This tells me that HC fans are NOT in the majority. I believe that Roman Reigns has that main stream appeal that the WWE looks for as their company representative. He is great in interviews with the press, morning shows and late night talk shows. He has a natural likability that casual fans and the media gravitate to. Many women including my AftermathTV cohost Jackie Redmond think he is “Hot”. I’ll take her word for it. Even my wife who is not a wrestling fan will stop and watch if she sees Roman Reigns on the TV.

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This leads me to my next point. There seems to be a great divide between those who consider themselves “hard core” or “diehard” wrestling fans and casual fans. If fact, that divide is getting wider and wider, particularly when the subject matter is Roman Reigns. HHH referred to the HC fans as the “vocal minority”. Many took offense to this label but they do not realize that the numbers do not back up their claim that the COO is mistaken.

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Although I believe that fans have definitely turned more towards Roman here as of late, I feel they will turn on him once again come Mania season. Simply because it still feels a bit forced — it’s as if saying WWE just won’t give up on this idea of having Roman win at WrestleMania, and the fans will rebuke it once again. Truth be told, none of this is really Roman’s fault either. It’s a mixture of the sign of the times in that we all know (or we think we know) the ins and outs of the business day to day. There’s also the mission impossible booking he was given with not only the fans Daniel Bryan love, but the fans John Cena hate.

For thirteen years fans have known John Cena as the face of WWE and pro-wrestling in general. He’s ‘the guy’ and will continue to be ‘the guy’ for the foreseeable future, but to most fans that have been following along in that thirteen year run with him, they don’t want to see anyone with that kind of a run again. Steve Austin, The Rock, and not even Hulk Hogan have had the run of John Cena as far as longevity of being the top babyface of a company. There’s a fear that if and when Roman does become the WWE champion, that he is then the next John Cena because of how he’s been booked, his appearance, and that it’s just the WWE way.

Like Jimmy, I don’t doubt Roman has every capability of being ‘the guy’ just like the current holder of that crown is, John Cena, but I still believe it will take a bit longer — if ever — for the fans to actually “believe that” before Survivor Series in the coming weeks — which I don’t see happening — or WrestleMania this coming April.

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