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After 3-years of dating, John Cena has finally told Nikki Bella that he’s now set to marry her. Could this be real? What a shock it would be if Cena meant what he said!

Well, John and Nikki were officially celebrating three complete years of being together and just there at during the latest episode of Total Divas Cena broke the news and said, “I’d love to marry you!”

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No Cena didn’t go straight to the point; that would be unbecoming, of course. He began by wetting the ground before he finally made the marriage proposal (whether real or fake). As Cena spoke on, he revealed that marriage and children are two things he desires at this point of his life and Nikki happened to be the one whom he has found absolutely perfect for that purpose.

He said, “I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my entire life,”

While we are bent on titling it, Cena finally proposes marriage to Nikki, worthy to note is that that remark was too casual for the WWE Universe to acknowledge it as real. If John is interested, he should do a follow up; he should prove it. Millennial dating experts will argue that Cena meant it like he said it.

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On the other hand, Nikki would have to thoroughly look into in to know if she would be ready to marry without a child as Cena has stated countless times recently.