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Wrestling state guy Chris Harrington of the IndeedWrestling website recently published a copy of Hulk Hogan’s 1998 WCW contract. You can see the full scan at this link or below. Here are some highlights

* He received a $2 million signing bonus

* WCW paid Hogan a $20,000 promotional fee while he was in the nWo for wearing the nWo logo and merchandise on TV and at photoshoots

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* Hogan received 15% of pay-per-view sales for events he was on with a minimum guarantee of $675,000. It also called for Hogan to be the featured wrestler at these events. WCW was to pay Hogan $1,350,000 on July 1st, November 1st and February 1st on the first three years of the deal as an advance of the PPV guarantee. Hogan also received bonuses as buyrates went up

* He also received 25% of gross ticket sales when he wrestled on WCW Nitro, WCW Thunder or other WCW live events with a minimum guarantee of $25,000

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* Apparently there was talk of doing a Hogan 1-900 hotline as the deal called for 100% of profits, if they did the project

* Hogan received first class air travel first class suite hotel accommodations, limousine transportation and $175 per diem when traveling for WCW

* Hogan had “approval over the outcome of all wrestling matches in which he appears, wrestles and performs” with “approval not to be unreasonably withheld”

Click here to see the 1998 Hulk Hogan contract with WCW by indeedwrestling

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