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Brock Lesnar Defeats The Undertaker In Bloody Match

The Hell in a Cell show that came up last Sunday saw Brock Lesnar faces The Undertaker on a one-man-to-one-man bout which was reported to be the last battle between the two.

It was one of the bloodiest and the hottest matches in the history of WWE as the talk of the match is yet to evade the air.

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According to reports, it was so bloody that Lesnar struck the doctor provided by the WWE who was trying to save him from losing more blood on his cut during the match, this made Vince McMahon and other WWE officials to be furious with Lesnar.

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And at the time of filing this report, it’s yet to be confirmed when Lesnar would return or if he would be facing any punishment for his actions and interesting enough, many believe no punishment awaits him.

Speculations are going round as to whether or not Lesnar cut himself open using a blade during the match, but many hold on the contrary view on that. Rather they believe Lesnar was able to bust himself open without using a blade.

More details coming shortly.

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