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Jeff Hardy has said the unthinkable, something fans never expected but would love to watch expect that it they may be worried about the risk involved.

Jeff Hardy was speaking on Ric Flair’s weekly Whooooo! Nation podcast and he said that he has plans to wrestle with his broken leg. According to him, he would make just that effort to wrestle a match in January while wearing a knee brace.

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Jeff didn’t say it with that tone that belongs to some of those things who don’t have blood and water running in them. Rather he said it with a broken voice and a tender but determined heart. He noted that although he is somewhat scared of his intention to wrestle in January, he wants to take the risk and see if his body will follow his mind and stay strong.

Jeff Hardy has been out of action for a while now, an injury he sustained while biking.

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At first TNA took it for granted and made a public statement that Jeff would be fine in due course but that was soon discovered to be false and the possibility of his return has not be taken into proper account.

The Medical personnel who examined Jeff’s injury stated that he would need quite a number of months to recover fully. The oddest part of the story is that the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is likely going to have another knee surgery before he can be fully fit. Consequently he should not be expected back to the ring until late next year.

The last remarkable title Jeff featured in is the TNA World Tag Team Championship Title that he and his brother Matt Hardy won but could not retain for up to two months.

Jeff’s contract with TNA would expire in January so we may see the Superstar switching camp to WWE after or before his injury heals as he has indicated interest quite a number of times, recently.

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