Connect with us has just reported that popular WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose is currently dealing with an injury.

The report detailed that the Intercontinental Champion sustained a wrist injury following his steel cage match with Sheamus on RAW although the injury is not really severe. Our sources revealed that Dean Ambrose did not only sustain a wrist injury but also sustained a minor head injury which forced him to received six stitches in his head.

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In line with the foregoing, WWE officials came forth with these words on Twitter, “ The Dean Ambrose receives medical attention after his brutal Steel Cage match on Raw.”

Well, for the now we don’t know how Ambrose is doing, whether he is receiving treatments or not. We hope he is.

More than a year ago, precisely on August 18, 2014 reported that Dean Ambrose suffered a major head and cervical spine injury on RAW but refused treatment and to make matter worse, Ambrose was dodging WWE medical personnel altogether.

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According to Ambrose refused treatment when he sustained what seemed like an extensive head and spine trauma during a bout with former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins on RAW.
It took quite an effort from WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann before Ambrose could be treated. Dr. Amann stated that as a safety measure, Ambrose neck was immobilized, and then he was stretched out from the ring area for full treatment backstage.

But in this case, we hope Ambrose would comply with medical experts and get treated accordingly especially as the injury seems to be minor although WWE is yet to spell out the full details and severity of the injury.

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