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Nikki Bella, Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace is currently making waves at Bellas trailer despite the fact that she’s no more with John Cena.

For the record, Nikki Bella and John Cena are not back together and they are not thinking in that direction.

Peter Kraus is now turning Nikki Bella around as he went for a kiss in Total
Bellas trailer.

Elsewhere, according to a post submitted by Kristen Marrone on Facebook, the cold hands of death have visited another former WWE wrestler. She passed away owing to health issues.

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Marrone noted that the former WWE/ECW star Nicole Bass passed away at the age of 52, after she was brought to a hospital this week and learned today they could no nothing more for her.

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Marrone, Nicole’s girlfriend posted on Nicole’s official Facebook page that Nicole was hospitalised after falling ill earlier in the week. The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reports that Nicole suffered a major stroke, and while doctors did all they could to help, Bass couldn’t be saved, and she was taken off life support.

Tommy Dreamer also confirmed the news. Bass worked for ECW in 1998 and had a memorable run with WWE in 1999.

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Nicole always had a great reputation outside the ring. Non-wrestling fans may remember Bass for her appearances on The Howard Stern Show. She suffered a massive stroke earlier this week and never recovered.

The following was posted on Nicole Bass’ page:

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“Dignity and Respect.
2 things every person on this planet deserves.
2 things very important to Nicole Bass.

The past few days I, Kristen Marrone, have been posting to my girlfriends pages to try and keep her very personal life private. Rumors have been spreading around the internet about her health. A few days ago we didn’t know all of what was going on so I have been trying to keep it quiet until we had answers. Nicole values her privacy and I Respect that. Before anyone tries to take the story and twist it up and make it ugly I want to put it out there in a Respectful way.

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A few days ago Nicole got very sick. She was brought into the hospital and they did everything they could to help her. I have been sitting here with her in the room 24/7 since she got here making sure she was being given the best possible care. Today we learned that there is nothing else that can be done.

Nicole was an amazing woman. Strong not only on the outside but inside as well. Beautiful soul and kind heart. Many people knew Nicole but few ever got close enough to know the REAL woman that she was. I got to be one of the lucky few. Not only was she my soul mate and my girlfriend but she was my best friend, my teacher and my business partner. I learned many valuable things from her and created many beautiful memories in the time we had together.

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I would like to keep her page open for her loving fans and friends to share their photos and memories.
I just ask that you treat Nicole with the dignity and respect that she deserves.

Thank you to everyone that has been reaching out to and helping me through this very difficult time.
Nicole, I love you. I will always love you.

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I will always be yours and you will always be”
(Photo: wwe)
Our thoughts go out to Nicole’s friends and family.