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Sasha Banks is one of the most well-respected and talented professional wrestlers in the world today, and WWE will help celebrate her accomplishments thus far by releasing a collection of her greatest moments on the WWE Network.

According to Steve Coulson of WWE Network News, which has consistently broken big stories about WWE Network updates, a Sasha Banks collection has been released on the Network.

“Sasha Banks: Legit Boss Collection” is reportedly a playlist containing at least 40 videos of important matches and moments in her career.

Banks is a four-time Raw Women’s Champion and a former NXT Women’s Champion (and perhaps the greatest champion in the brand’s history behind Asuka) who has been involved in several “firsts” for WWE.

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It was exciting to hear her commentary on moments like her first Raw Women’s Championship win or her classic matches with Becky Lynch and Bayley in NXT.

The full listing of videos in the collection can be found on WWE Network News, and it’s astonishing how many big moments Banks has already partook in as a WWE Superstar.

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There was also the footage of Banks’s match against Alexa Bliss in Abu Dhabi, and it looks like that will be the first time the full footage of the match has been made available online. WWE has uploaded a photo gallery of the bout of their special gear for the occasion, but fans have yet to see the full match played out. One of Bliss’s best matches came against Banks at SummerSlam 2017, when Banks won the title, and that match is also in this collection.

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The “Legit Boss Collection” takes fans all the way back to her debut against Paige in NXT and includes several big moments from 2018, including Banks’s work in the Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank, and Royal Rumble (she was the “Ironwoman” of the Rumble) matches. It also includes videos for her six-woman tag match at Evolution and her tremendous encounter with Asuka on the Raw after the Royal Rumble.

So if you are a Sasha Banks fan or just want to learn more about one of the most important superstars in WWE, check out this series of videos as it is released the WWE Network. It sounds like Banks gave plenty of insight on some of these ground-breaking moments that are still frequently discussed years later.