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Finally after 13 years of wait Larry Fitzgerald fulfills the promise he made to his dying mom, The Arizona Cardinals’ receiver graduated from the University of phoenix on Saturday and his major is communications.

The 32 Fitzgerald who was at the University of Pittsburgh in 2003 at the time his mom died after battling with breast cancer. The wideout said he promised his mom he is going to get his degree and it has actually come to reality.

Before she passed away in 2003 Larry Fitzgerald promised his mother and now he is a college graduate. Congratulations!
He said “I feel blessed to have had her for 19 years, and she was around long enough to shape me into the man I am today, I’m sad at the fact that she busted her ass for so many years so I could live my dream, and she never saw the things I could’ve given her. That hurts.

But I know when I’m out doing things in the community, she would be proud; because who I am now is a result of lessons she taught me when I had her.”