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According to the Bears coach he said although Kevin White has not played in one single solitary NFL snap but that will not stop new receivers like Curtis Johnson from loading a contrast on the wideout. Kevin is actually a better receiver produced out of college. Kevin compared Kevin to some of his guys in Miami Andre Johnson similarly to Reggie Wayne also, Kevin White is one player when you watch TV you will say this guys are going to be professionals.

Comparing Andre Johnson exclusively the coach said he is white, and a combination of speed and physical strength, big and fast though sometimes it doesn’t flow but when one is fast, physical and athletic you can imagine how good a guy like that would be.
After missing an entire season with a leg injury he is now back and the No.7 2015 overall picked is now chanced to be paired with Alshon Jeffery and that’s going to be one of the most classic duos in the NFL.

The questions to be answered most especially in the backfield and the under center but I tell Chicago boast of his top receivers in the NFL Jeffery, White and Eddie Royal actually, but most especially is the White’s ability to stay healthy and fit to take an advantage of double team on Jeffery.

If this comparison his close White would definitely push the Bears offense from bottom of the barrel to the top.